Šlokenbekas rogaining- eng

Slokenbeka rogaining

The Slokenbeka rogaining is the part of event – Slocenes stāsts (Slocene story)

Bulletin 1st

Date June 1st, 2019

Organizer Engure parish council and Tour and orienteering club “Silva”.

Event center

The Šlokenbeka Manor, Milzkalne, Smārde Parish, Engure Region, GPS 56.9760160 23.2261073

Competition area     Between Tukums-Engure, Tukums-Jelgava, Riga-Venntspils and Tukums-Smarde roads (included Rauda and Milzkalns) Format6-hour, 3-hour rogaines- distance must be completed by foot.4-hour (bike) – distance must be completed by bike. Two to five people per team.6/3 h time limit 6h or 3h – two to five people per team. 6h, 4h bike, 3h Family rogain – in according to the rules of the IRF and LOF except as otherwise provided by this bulletin.  Time limit for Tauta class (T3) is three hours- without competition element. 


MJ, WJ, XJ   mixed teams – all members must be younger than 23
MO, WO, XO   men, women and mixed teams – no age restriction
MV, WV, XV   men, women and mixed teams – all members must be at least 40 or older
MSV, WSV, XSV   men, women and mixed teams – all members must be 55 or older
MUV, WUV, XUV   men, women and mixed teams – all members must be 65 or older


  Members of one family with one child younger than 14

class for everyone who wants to participate – without age or gender restrictions


from 8:30 Check-in at event center
8.30-11.00 Breakfest for participants (oaut meal, etc.)
10.00 Map handout for 6h and 4h race
11.00 Race starts for 6h
11.30 Race starts for 4h (bike) race
12.00 Race starts for 3h






Finish for 3-hour rogaine

Finish for 4-hour rogaine

Finish for 6 h rogaine

Finish for 6h rogaine closes

Award ceremony




All team members must make punches with SI cards. SI stations will operate in contactless mode too (0.3 m (30 cm), except situation, when the first participant is punching in. If the station is not working in SI AIR mode, participant must punch a control in contact mode.

Si cards (SI Air+) will be available for rent for 1.50 EUR

All team members must punch the control point with their SI card. The whole team must punch the control in time of 1 minute, otherwise the point will not be taken into account. SI card and the wristband will be removed by a referee. If one team member has a broken or damaged wristband, the whole team will be disqualified.


The map will be specially prepared for this event using data of LIDAR and other public cartographic information

Author of the map: Raimonds Lapiņš

The total amount of control points will be announced in the next bulletin.

Author of the layout: Zigfrīds Freimanis


Evaluation happens in accordance with the IRF and LOF rules of rogaining.

In evaluation the sum of the points of all collected control points is taken into account. In the case of identical sum, the highest place goes to the team which has finished the distance first. For every extra minute over the control time (less than 1 minute as well), 1 penalty point will be counted off of the collected point sum. For finishing 30 minutes over time the team will get 0 points.


You can register online through application form in http://www.rogaining.lv/; www.coksilva.lv or  through e-mail sveikuli@sveikuli.lv from  01.03.2019 till 24.05.2019

From May 25-th through e-mail sveikuli@sveikuli.lv only.


If in the team there are members, younger than 14 years, it is obliged that there is a participant who is older than 18. There can be an exception, if it is previously arranged with the organizer – COK Silva (write to: sveikuli@sveikuli.lv)

Participants, younger than 18, who are willing to take part in the 24h distance, should hand in a written parent or guardian agreement at the time of registration.

Changes in the team member list without extra payment can be made till the May 25th 23:59 . If a previously arranged team wants to ad a member, the payment is according to the rules valid at the moment of members’ registration.

 Entry fees per participant (eur):                                                                                                                                                                 

Date/groups      6h; 4h (bike)          J,UV                       O,V,SV

01.03-10.03                                         8,-                           12,-

11.03- 06.05                                        13,-                        17,-

07.05-24.05                                         18,                          22,-

From 25.05                                          25,-                        30,-

Date/groups      3h Family                Adult                     Kids till 14

01.03-10.03                                         8,-                           3 ,-

11.03- 06.05                                        13,-                        4,-

07.05-24.05                                         18,-                        5,-

From 25.05                                          25,-                        10,-

Date/groups      T3                                      Adult     Children till 18

01.03-10.03                                         5,-                           2,-

11.03- 06.05                                        5,-                           2,-

07.05-24.05                                         7,-                           3,-

From 25.05                                          10,-                        5,-

For any change with entries and SI card after May 25th – Eur 3,00 for every change.

To pay for entry:

Biedrība „Ceļojumu un orientēšanās klubs SILVA”,

Registration No. 40008061499,

Address:”Sveikuļi”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads LV-3139,

Bank: AS Swedbank

Account: LV63HABA0551005150747

When paying for team, you must point out teams name, number.

If the team by any reason doesn’t take part in the event, the participation fee won’t be repaid.

Prizes Top three teams in each time and class category will be awarded, depends on budget of rogaine.


INFO: sveikuli@sveikuli.lv;

Evita tel. +371 29267142

Zigfrids tel. +371 29232026



Participants responsibility for their own health and for insurance against accidents and possible injuries borne by the participants (over 18 years) or their parents / guardians (for participants 18 years and younger). Teams will be registered as full team at the event center, will receive participant accessories, will sign by the personal signature responsibility for their own, theirs child or guardians – participants health status, responsibility for possible accidents and possible injuries during the race. It is possible to take routes on distance in order to keep away the health and life hazards.

Participant agrees that during the competition, he or she can be photographed and the photos can be used for publicity of this or any other race, or active lifestyle itself in print, electronic environment and social networks.

Participant, with filling the application form and participating in the race, agrees that his or her personaldata (name, surname, age) will be published in electronical form (application and result reviews at LOF, COK Silva, rogaining and other web pages, as well as be given to LOF).

See you in Slokenbeka!