Freedom rogaine

  Brīvības rogainings- 2019

Freedom rogain 2019

Bulletin No 2

All changes and additions compared to previous bulletins are marked blue in text.

 Date  November 16, 2019

Organizer Tour and orienteering club “Silva” and Jaunpiebalga County council 

Event center Jaunpiebalga sport hall Gauja street 41, Jaunpiebalga, LV-4125  57.1673647,26.0188933

 Competition area: Jaunpiebalga

The area is crossed by the Gauja River. The pair has 4 bridges marked on the map. There are many clearings and young stands in the area, overgrown marshy areas and open fields. Area max height difference (excluding tower height) 95 m.

The area is crossed by the VecpiebalgaRanka highway and several moderate roads of local importance.

During the race traffic would not be restricted, therefore participants themselves are responsible for complying with the road safety rules. There are possible new crashes not shown on the map.

Do not leave spent jelly, food packages or other types of waste in the race!

Prohibited areas:

Prohibited areas, i.e. territories, which are not allowed to overpass, are marked in with a red hatching  (closed area of nature reserve) or areas which are not allowed to overpass, if there is not a road through the area which is marked on the map, are in olive green colour.

Establishing a disregard of prohibitions mentioned in this regulation, a disqualification will be applied to the whole team.


Format: 4-hour and 6-hour rogaines in accordance with the rules of the International Rogaining Federation, except as otherwise provided by this bulletin. Two to five people per team. Time limit for Tauta class (T3) is three hours and either four or six hours for all other classes. 6-hour finish could be after nightfall.  




mixed teams – all members must be younger than 23



men, women and mixed teams – no age restriction



men, women and mixed teams – all members must be atleast 40 or older



men, women and mixed teams – all members must be 55 or older



men, women and mixed teams – all members must be 65 or older




Family class, one person must be 14 or younger

class for everyone who wants to participate – without age or gender restrictions


8.30 – 11.30



Check-in at event center

Breakfest for participants (out meal, tee, cacao drink)



Map handout



Race starts



Finish for 4-hour rogaine and dinner for all participants



Finish for 4-hour rogaine closes



Award ceremony for 4-hour rogaine



Finish for 6 h rogaine



Finish for 6h rogaine closes



Award ceremony for 6-hour rogaine


All team members must make punches with their SI cards. Any SI card version (SI-5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, SI Air+), except SI-pCard, SI-tCard or compass with built in SI card, can be used.

We recommend using high capacity SI cards (9, 10, 11, SI Air+ ) for 6-hour course.

Si cards will be available for rent for 1.50 EUR. SI Air+ will be for rent.

45 checkpoints will be in the competition terrain with the values from 3-8. The value of checkpoint is defined by tens (e.g. value of point 32 is 3).

SI stations will operate in contactless mode too. If SI Air+ is not working in contactless mode (0.3 m (30 cm) away from checkpoint), participants must use it in contact mode (inserting in the socket). Before going in distance, SI cards and SIAC must be cleared (checkpoint Clear) and activated (checkpoint Check).



Scale: 1:20 000;

H:4 m

Size: A2 (42,0 x 59,4 cm)

Author: R. Lapiņš

Race planner: Z. Freimanis

All maps will be waterproof.



You can register online through application form in; or  through e-mail from  01.06.2019 till 13.11.2019

From November 11-th through e-mail only if it will be possible (last minute).

Entry fees per participant (eur):

 Date/groups J,UV O,V,SV   T3 (23-64) T (<23 ; >65)
01.06- 03.06 6,- 10,-   5,- 2,-
04.06-31.07 9,- 14,-   5,- 2,-
01.08-06.10 12,- 18,-   8,- 4,-
07.10-10.11 16.- 22,-   10,- 5,-
11.11-13.11 20.- 30,-   12,- 6,-
16.11 25,- 35,-,   15,- 8,-

For any change with entries and SI card after November 13th – Eur 2,00 for every change.         


To pay for entry:

Biedrība  Celojumu un Orientesanas klubs SILVA,

Registration No. 40008061499,

Address:”Sveikuļi”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads LV-3139,

Bank: AS Swedbank

Account: LV63HABA0551005150747

When paying for team, you must point out teams name, number.

Drinking point, service

In the race area there are 1 drinking point with water, warm tea and snacks (traditional and vegetarian). Drinking point in the race map will be marked with a glass, but in nature there will be placed tent and extra control flags.

Event centre will be located at the Jaunpiebalga sport hall. Please maintain a maximal care and attention towards premises and inventory in them! At the race centre WC, rooms for distance planning and meals are available. It is not allowed to enter the race centre premises with shoes with spikes and dirty shoes!

Prizes Top teams in each time and class category will be awarded, depends on budget of rogaine.


Zigfrids tel. +371 29232026

Evita tel. +371 29267142


Participants responsibility for their own health and for insurance against accidents and possible injuries borne by the participants (over 18 years) or their parents / guardians (for participants 18 years and younger). Teams will be registered as full team at the event center, will receive participant accessories, will sign by the personal signature responsibility for their own, theirs child or guardians – participants health status, responsibility for possible accidents and possible injuries during the race. It is possible to take routes on distance in order to keep away the health and life hazards.

Participant, agrees that during the competition, he or she can be photographed and the photos can be used for publicity of this or any other race, or active lifestyle itself in print, electronic environment and social networks.

Participant, with filling the application form and participating in the race, agrees that his or her personaldata (name, surname, age) will be published in electronical form (application and result reviews at LOF, COK Silva, rogaining and other web pages, as well as be given to LOF).


See you in Jaunpiebalga!