Pre start information

PRE-START information

Event center: Camping Sveikuli, Tume municipality, Tukums district
Coordinates: N 56 59.661  E 023 08.196

Map: Race map (size 65×79 cm) is printed on Tyvek, extra protection against IS NOT necessary; Map for planning is printed on paper. Scale: 1:25 000; H: 4m; 74 checkpoints on map. Total value of points: 391.

Competition area:

Nature protection board informs that rogaining is taking place in area with limited access to especially protected nature areas –  Milzkalns nature Park and Kemeri National park, therefore one must take in account prohibited areas marked in the map. It is NOT ALLOWED to overpass these areas! 

During the race traffic would not be restricted, therefore participants themselves are responsible for complying with the road safety rules. There are possible new crashes not shown on the map.

In the territory (outside populated areas) there are: deer, elks, wild pigs, lynx, foxes, wolves (in the territory of the Ķemeri National Park-the right side of the map), bullocks, etc., ticks, small hogweed stands.

Do not leave spent jelly, food packages or other types of waste in the race!

Prohibited areas:

Prohibited areas, i.e. territories, which are not allowed to overpass, are marked in with a red hatching

(closed area of nature reserve, microloans, sown fields, pasture) or gray hatching (enclosed or open industrial areas).

Prohibited areas, i. e. areas which are not allowed to overpass, if there is not a road through the area which is marked on the map, are in olive green colour.

In the race area there are 8 drinking points with water and salt (separate container). The drinking points are marked:

Event centre: Please park the cars following organiser’s rules: in short time park (for 3h and 6h) and Long time (for 24h) Further follow the directions of the organisers.

Event center will be located at open area of Camping Sveikuli.  At the race center: WC, outdoors shower, tents places, tent for meals are available. Registration race, hand-out of maps, result announcing and awards ceremony will take open area. Storage for keys and other personal belongings, as well as first aid will be provided.

The café and sports food (sportdrinks, jelly), sport accessories will be available.

Hash house is located at the competition center. Hash Hose is open from 20.00-9.00

Extra: After registration participants get team envelope with souvenirs for every team member, numbers, safety pins, SIAC , SI card holders, promotional material, catering coupons (for after-race meal). After receiving the envelope, a chosen team member with a signature accepts Declaration of responsibility.

There is one set of maps for the whole team. One team member receives the whole set for one’s team. Team is taken in account as registered when the number is attached and is clearly visible. Set of maps include: Map for each member of team, printed on Tyvek and one map for planning (printed on paper), which must be given before entering the start zone.

The team has to read its result till the closing time of corresponding finish.

Protests about the race results will be received in 30 minutes time after the closing of the corresponding finish.

In T3 class THERE IS NOT  a competition element – results won’t be published!

Participants put on SI cards by themselves. See following pictures:


SI bracelets are waterproof.

Before going in start zone:

  • Present the mandatory inventory-whistle,
    2) Submit a Planning Map;
    3) Receive the GPS device and place it on the upper arm,
    4) Indicate an opaque bag with or without prohibited devices.
    5) SI cards clear at the CLEAR station.
    6) When entering in the start zone, present the SIAC Air attached to the hand and make the CHECK mark in the start zone.
    7) Check the SIAC Air operation at the Test Station,


Mass start after the start signal:

For 24h: 12:00;

For 3h and 6h: 12:30

Checkpoints will be set on contactless mode (0,3 m (30 cm) from station) !

Attention: It is possible that the first participant must “wake up” checkpoints at the forest for activating the contactless mode. All members of one team must check-in at the checkpoint during a time of 1 (one) minute.

If there is an emergency situation while still in the distance, call:

112 Rescue Service
113 Emergency medical assistance
+371 29267142 Organizer’s help telephone

Good luck in the distance!