Description of the competitions

Series “Silva-rog”

Rogaining in forests near Tukums (Format 3h) in 4 stages.

On Saturdays (Once a month). Starts from 11.00; Finish till 15.00.

Series „Silva”

Orienteering in forests near Tukums (orienteering run) in 12 stages.

On Tuesdays. Start from 16:30-19:00.

 “Sveikuļu nakts” March 09, 2019

Orienteering and trail running competition in night distance. Start 19.00

„Slokenbeka rogain” June 1, 2019

Rogaine competition-  6 hours; 4 hours (bike;) 3 hours in Slokenbeka manor (near Tukums)

„36th Tukums cup”  October 5-th, 2019

Orienteering competition in noorder distance (short individual rogaining).


„Freedom rogain” November 16, 2019

Rogaine competition- 4 and 6 hours in Jaunpiebalga.